MovieStarPlanet Complete Guide


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The MovieStarPlanet game which is the heartthrob of millions of boys and girls who want a stardom in their life. Today you are wandering on a whole movie star planet’s user guide. This game has a huge number of installs (counted as 500 million) in both app stores. Despite typical traditional games, MovieStarPlanet Game has some Uniqueness in its story. This game is also known as MSP; The MovieStarPlanet Game allows you to fulfill your dream of becoming a star and having a huge fan following.

We will cover the whole story of MSP game in which you’ll enjoy the features, how to guide and major players of the msp game. Before digging down into the story of the game, firstly take a look at the exciting features of the game.

moviestarplanet fame fortune and friends

MovieStarPlanet The Game Features

  • Connect and interact with other players to reach to the higher scores.
  • Decorate your room as like as you want and get the top score on its appreciation.
  • Attract people through your avatar and make new friends through the cool chat room
  • Design your clothes and costumes.
  • Make over your avatar according to your choice.
  • Play game with your friends and opponents and be on the top of the score boards

The game was introduced in 2007 as an online game it becomes a trending mobile app. The game story is different from other game. The Moviestarplanet game is a family game which relaxes the parents to put their cell phone in their child’s hands. No Worries for the parents to their kid while hanging out in the game. MSP attracts the people who love to enjoy a stardom in their life. Here is a virtual world for all of your dreams and let you fulfill all your dreams as in the way as you like.

MovieStarPlanet The Game Story – Fame, Fortune and Friends

Here are some most important popular FAQs About The game. Give it a read for better understanding.

1 – Does Movie Star Planet Cost Money?

Yes, In terms of In-app Purchases and VIP membership.

2 – Moviestarplanet, How to Level Up Fast?

Earn Starcoins and Vip for a fast Level Up.

3 – Moviestarplanet, how to get StarCoins?

Through Various ways, by watching the movie, getting autographs, playing games etc.

4 – Is Movie-Star Planet Safe?

Yes, MSP is strict to its rule and privacy.

5 – Moviestarplanet, How to Get Money?

From Various ways, as mentioned in the above question. One way is also there, which is through VIP membership.

6 – Moviestarplanet, How to Get Free VIP?

There are no certain ways to get free vip but a bot or software do that (we don’t recommend to use that. It is against ToS of the game.)

7 – When was Movie Star Planet made or when was It created?

It is unknown that when it was made or created but it has been launched in 2009.

8 – Is Moviestarplanet a Virus?

Not at all, Msp is safe and secure and they claim the game as a “Family game”.

9 – Is Moviestarplanet Shutting Down in 2017?

No, the game is enjoying 200 million active users around the globe and currently doing well.

10 – How to get 5 Million Starcoins?

5 Million Is a huge amount, you can get it by purchasing a higher Vip membership or struggling smartly in the game. By mostly interacting with the people and by performing such tasks which have higher rewards.

11 – Moviestarplanet, How to Get Rares?

There is a just only way to get rares. When someone gifts you or MSP bring Rares week. So you have to wait for the second option.

MSP (Moviestarplanet) allows you to dress-up like a model. Gather your fans through your fashion, looks, and styles. In addition to all this, make your movie and invite your friends to watch it. Give autographs to the audience and fans and get the ranks up!! Cheers. The greater the number of viewers to your movie, the higher the score you get. So prove your skills in the game and get the more top edge on to your friends. Create art books, movie, books, costumes and other stuff and share with your friends to earn much Starcoins and VIP in the game. Starcoins and VIP in the game show your achievements in the game. There is much more way of getting star coins and VIP in the game we will be discussing in the next part of the guide.

Rules of The MovieStarPlanet Game

Moviestarplanet is high as hell in term of spamming and violating the ToS. Some of the facts and undo’s we are listing below which can lead your account to termination.

  • Don’t ask password or give your password to anyone.
  • Don’t ask for coins to buy in chat room
  • Don’t produce sexual harassing comment or material to other users
  • Don’t ask for the password in order to spam in the name of free diamonds, star coins, and such other premium stuff.
  • Don’t reveal you real information such as skype email or whatsapp.
  • Don’t be offensive as this is fun to add a game.
  • Don’t put other to sexual harassment or use foul language.
  • Don’t make fool other by pretending to be a fake VIP or moderator.
  • Don’t do any marketing campaign for any products or premium in-app purchases.
  • Don’t use any username which can offend or sexually harass the other player.

So these were some rules you have to follow. As in the case of violating these guidelines, you can bear a ban on your account (mentioned earlier.)

The Ultimate Movie Star Planet’s User Guide


This Ultimate MSP user guide includes brief know how about the game. So before getting into the game you can have a look onto this. The overall story like other games is you start from the 0 level and move up to the upper ranks by progressing in the game. Initially you have to make an account in the game and get started:

Make a movie: By getting began in the game you have to make a movie to earn some more starcoins and reputation in the game which means to get VIP. Creating movie is great source of earning a plenty of starcoins. When a user gives you autographs and you watch their movie you get starcoins.

“Creative” >> New Movie will lead you to create your first movie. Initially, you will have 6 different actors to choose from, for your movie. Dress them nicely and share to your friends to earn starcoins. You have to choose their costumes and dress them to like a star.

Creating the Movie: Now here is the time for the people who want to test their directing skills in a virtual world. You will have to create your movie by giving the speech lines and animations. Different options are there in the game to flourish your directing skills; like deciding time frame for an actor, setting position for the actors and setting time for the speech to call on. You can explore more by testing the app by yourself.

Publishing Your Efforts: Some rules are there after you finish your movie. Firstly it’s time to publish your movie, and the rules after publishing are:

  • You will not be able to make any editing to your work if once it got published.
  • After publishing the movie, use “Share to friends” button with share it to your friends.
  • The movie will not be able to get shared if it not published.
  • You will not earn anything (star coins and fame) from an unpublish movie, as it will no longer be seen by friends.

More Friends More Fame: Heading of this section telling the whole story. To make new friends simple type username of your friend in the friend’s section. At the right side of the bottom, there will be a “Friends Activity” bar which shows the activity of your friends so you can track them and chat with them easily.

“What Are You Doing” Area: Its located on the upper left side of the screen and it is like facebook or whatsapp status. You can show your activity, and what roaming in your mind can be demonstrated here. Add emoji’s, animations and images to make your friends react on this.

Games and Chat Room: Chat rooms and games are there to add more fun in the game. You can chat anytime with your friend. Games like quizzes and puzzles are there to help you to win starcoins and fame.

Shopping: You can shop animation, dresses and other items from the shopping menu. But hold on, there is a charge for every item. So be wise your starcoins will be used for your shopping.

Room and Changing Room: In “My Room” You can display all non-clothing items you have added in to your profile and in the “Changing clothes” you can display all your clothes you have changed and your friends can see them at your profile.

Guest Book for Strangers: Your profile can be viewed by the guest and the people who are not a friend on your list. Guests can write messages and reviews about your effort you made to your profile.

So these are the some main features and a brief movie star planet User guide. Now the thing is “how to generate starcoins in the game” without under-handing and slashing the game. Below are the some tips and legit ways to generate a plenty of starcoins and vip.

How to Kiss on MoviestarPlanet: In MSP, you’ll have free and paid emoticons. KISS is one of the paid emoticon. Using it for your boyfriend and girlfriend you bot have to purchase this emoticon in order to use it. So if you have some penny in your pocket purchase that and show love to your BF/GF in the game.

How to Get Starcoins and Money in MSP?

Who hates the slow progressing in the game? Surely everyone does, but the thing is how to generate a fast speed starcoins and money stock in the game. There are definitely many legit ways and stuff within the limit to generate the stuff like a pro. Sharing some of the proven tricks to generate the leverage:

  • Firstly I want to mention simple trick, which is a premium membership. Premium member generates more than regular members, as they are paid, members. So if you have some spare penny and love to the game buy a premium membership.
  • Use your skills. Be good at representing yourself with your style and fashion. Let the others buy your looks and style. You will generate easy money.
  • Daily spin is at your game step. Spin daily and earn daily.
  • Some of the tricks are mentioned above in the user guide section like play games. Playing games like quizzes and easy puzzles helps you earn rewards.
  • Love the people pets. It will also help to gain some starcoins to your account.
  • One of the above-mentioned tasks is also repeating here. Watch other peoples movies or let your movie get an autograph, in both cases you earn awesome starcoins.
  • Some tricky part is here, make another account and use it seriously to rate your looks, movies, and clothes. I know it’s a trickster:D, but you can use it legally.

By applying these ways you can also be a vip and to be a vip means, you are the premium member of the game. Being a premium member of the game also helps to generate more diamond in the game. In addition to this, you can also enjoy fast ranks up in the game. How? Let me explain this too.
The idea is simple just like facebook TAGGING feature. You will have to cast your friend’s characters into your movie. So that’s mean you are publishing your movie or making love your video to double of the people. The other move of getting a fast rank up is:

Win awards as much as you can. By Winning awards, you can generate a quick level up in the game and can also get an ultimate fame.

How to Change Your Credentials on MSP:

Username: As mentioned above the MSP is strict to its rules. As they claim it’s a family game so they block every aspect of possible negativity. In normal cases the game won’t allow you to change your password once you have selected it for your profile. By mistake can be happened we know, it’s a rare chance you will be allowed to change your username. However, if you want to change keep it in mind you have to contact customer support and request them that you have mistakenly choose the wrong username so let you allow to change it once. Its all up to them they allow you or not. If they allow in a case it will be for just one time. You can’t repeat this trick again and again. So best of luck for your usernames.

Password: Yes it’s easy to change your password at any time. Be comfortable with your passwords, but in a case, you forgot your password or want to change it for security purpose. Here are the simple steps you can follow to do with your password change.

  1. Go to your character icon and Go to “My Profile.”
  2. At the utmost top right corner, you’ll find “Change my Password.”
  3. So enter the detail that console demand and go with it.

Is MovieStarPlanet Safe for Children?

The company has stated this game as a Family or Parental Game. But things would be concerning for the parent’s part. Movie Star Planet game for kids, The site has make an immense effort to make it active for the kids. Here therefore, they have implemented rules like don’t give away personal information and other. For violation of the tool they have the blacklist IP options and security filters. Profiles can be permanently or temporarily deleted or blocked for the rules breach.  Also they have place a parents section in the game to make able the parents to look after their kid’s activity.


These are some brief introduction and headlines about the game. Have you played the game or you are going to be a new user of the game? We are hopeful as in the both cases you will something new from this movie star planet user guide. If you have more knowledge about the game, please share us to help the gamers. Good Luck with your game.