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When we enter in a gaming world, some prominent names comes in my mind who have transfigure the gaming industry and have added more entertainment in this department. Nintendo is another name in this regard. Previously we have released our some words on the SONY playstation network userguide, similarly the topic of today, the Nintendo eshop userguide. Though, you are a champ of Nintendo and might be interacting with the Nintendo eshop since long but hopefully this guide may add some of new information to your knowledge desk.

Nintendo was just a gaming platform for its user, but with the hike in the gaming and entertainment competition. Nintendo on June 2011 decided to go with a platform which will act like a one stop shop for all the products of Nintendo. So initially on Nintendo 3DS, launching of Nintendo eshop was executed and here was the start of new entertainment era. So we can actually say the Nintendo eshop is the digital distribution for the WII and other Nintendo products. Enjoy games, demos, applications, streaming videos, consumer rating feedbacks and news about upcoming game releases – altogether under the umbrella of Nintendo eshop. Nintendo was launched in the name of multitasking, you can initiate and handle multiple tasks on your Nintendo platform easily. You can enjoy this feature whether you have WII U or Nintendo switch, access the Nintendo eshop even the game is running on your device.

Features of Nintendo Eshop platform:

Eshop provide features which need to be known by its user, to completely enjoy the master piece. For the key features we are giving you an unordered list below.

DSiWare: This digital platform allow you to download all DSiWare game and application to download to your system. All the stuff is always ready to download to your system.

3D classsics: As the Nintendo is the most popular and most aged platform in the gaming world so every one of us have enjoyed some poplular games in our childhood. Games like Super Mario and Marvel have been remade with the 3D technology. You can enjoy most of the retro games in the 3D technology.

Virtual Console: Enjoy the classic software from the past game platforms like the Game boy.

3D and 2D Videos: You can find plenty of videos in both 2D and 3D versions. Although the 3D videos are specific to some particular Nintendo platforms. But you can enjoy instructional videos and interviews of your favorite celebrities.

As then Nintendo eshop offers you to download 3D games, videos and classic remade game in 3D, you can enjoy all new content which usually add up in the Nintendo eshop on each Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific time.

For this user guide we are discussing one of the feature of Nintendo on digital forum – The My Nintendo Account.

Nintendo eshop userguide

Nintendo Eshop UserGuide – A My Nintendo Account Guide

For the novice user who have landed here we want you to know that what actually is, My Nintendo account and how you can facilitate yourself from its features:

My Nintendo Account:

Basically it’s a specific account which lies under a general Nintendo account. My Nintendo account allows you to fully enjoy your gaming experiences and connect to different touchpoints like from gaming to computer and then gaming systems to your smartphones too.

My Nintendo Account also allows to earn points and redeem them in My Nintendo rewards (basically these are some bonuses). You buy digital games for your Nintendo devices including the Wii u and Nintendo 3Ds systems, play games and do some quizzes; it make you able to generate some Nintendo points. For which we have mentioned above you can redeem them in Nintendo rewards. You will always have to own a Nintendo account to take a benefit of My Nintendo Account.

How you can get My Nintendo Account?

There is no restriction or limitations to having a My Nintendo account. Anyone can have this account with simple sign-up.

  • Just signup on My Nintendo Page
  • Simple Wizard to provide your details and there you go.
  • Link your Nintendo ID to your account. (Make sure you have that ID though)
  • Start earning gold points through the process which we have mentioned above.

So that’s the benefit of My Nintendo account and mind it once you have done creating this account you’ll be able to review your:

  • My Nintendo rewards
  • Active missions to get completed to earn Gold points.
  • Nintendo point’s history and much more.

Parental Guide for My Nintendo Account:

In the world of digitalization, the generations becoming faster and smarter. Kids have some digital genes inside their body. For this, parental guide is much more important. Like every gaming and digital gaming entertainment providers, Nintendo is also keen to provide you completely parental guide support for the parents. For this you can have a strict eye on your child which is under 13. You can observe what your kid is seeking and what he has watched and played.

As a user agreement on Nintendo A kid under 13 and up to 17 can’t have a Nintendo account as parental guide laws (depends on the country). You as a parents can take the things into your hold and can make a parent/guardian account and then a sub account for your kid can be generated in to your Nintendo console. That’s the way your kid can’t miss the entertainment.

My Nintendo Rewards:

While wandering into your My Nintendo account you always curious about the My Nintendo rewards and points. For this time being we are discussing some important stuff about the My Nintendo rewards (My Nintendo point will be discussing below)

Nintendo rewards – Availability and Expiry of the stuff:

Nintendo gives you plenty of bonuses in the shape of My Nintendo rewards. There are some categories mentioning below to know about what type of rewards you can get:

  • Some coupon code and discount life stuff you can utilize in the Nintendo eshop and on the official website.
  • Free digital content which can be thrown to your Nintendo’s smartphone and tablets.
  • Codes for the games.

Now the things turned to availability of the rewards. It’s important to note down when does a specific exist and when does it expires. There is no specific timing for the expiration you just pick your best reward and then redeem it through your points. Once a reward got expire you’ll not be able to enjoy that until it comes again.

Nintendo Points – Availability, Expiration and Trading of the Points:

Nintendo provide you a great value for your hardly earn cash by its entertaining features and by shopping its content. Nintendo points are like credits which add up to your account each time when you purchase some downloadable games from official site or from Nintendo Eshop account.

Types of My Nintendo Points:

There are two type of my Nintendo points which can be grabbed by performing specific mentioned for their achievements. The main thing you need to note down here when you complete a mission so points with accordance of that mission automatically travel into your account. Some platinum point missions require a manual transfer of coins. So you have to manually set yourself on “Collect Points” option.

Platinum Points: Can be earned by completing missions related to your tablets and pocket devices.

Gold points:  Can be earned through a purchase of downloadable stuff including games. Other stuff like passes, themes are not meant to earn gold points.

Expiration of My Nintendo Points:

Everything has a life and limit. So yes My Nintendo Points do expire. But here is the main thing we want to know about the life span of these points.

Platinum Points: Your Account can hold them for a Year and 15 days. Let suppose you got the points on January 1st, 2016 so Expiration will be upheld until January 30th, 2017.

Gold Points: Limit for these points is shorter then platinum points. You get just 195 days or 6.5 months or 6 months and 15 days. For January 1st, 2016 you can hold these points in your account for June 30th, 2016.

You can get detail and history of your points through the point history page.

nintendo eshop userguide

FAQ’s about My Nintendo Account:

Making the discussion short and not letting you to leave the topic we are adding some frequently ask questions to clear you bit more smoothly. So here are some Faqs which we think comes in every mind.

What are My Nintendo points?

Points you earned by downloading games and completing missions

How many types of My Nintendo Points I can get?

Two types, Platinum and Gold

Are my points are valid for lifetime?

Nope, nothing last forever. It do expire after specific time period.

Can I Check status of My Nintendo Points?

Yes you can get everything about my Nintendo Points through My Nintendo Points History page.

Can I share my points with my mates and others?

No, you cannot share your value points.

How can I redeem for a reward?

Check your points and select rewards and redeem for it.

Do Rewards Expire?

Yes, but there is no certain time limit.

Can I redeem points for reward once it expires?

No, you can wait for the next time when it will come again.

SO these were some frequently ask question to give a boost and speed to the discussion which have been happened up till now.

Miitomo Platinum Points and Registration:

Before crawling out to the other subjects first you have to note down that miitomo is and social app by Nintendo which is used for conversation between the Nintendo users. You can ask question, quizzes and other stuff to your friends and other Nintendo users. Sometimes you completed a mission through the miitomo app and you see a different amount of points in your account.

Miitomo Platinum Points Difference:

This app is used on both IOS and android devices so according to the algorithm rules, miitomo points are managed differently for both devices. Mean if you’re completing mission on IOS device then the points will be differently if you had have completed mission on android phone. So you will see a point’s difference when you shuffle the device.

How to Receive Points through Miitomo?

You have to register on miitomo then the amount of points you have earned after using miitomo, will get automatically when you will log in to you Nintendo account.

Deactivating your MY Nintendo Account:

Nintendo is a worst craze and once you step in this world, stepping out from this thing is difficult. So if unfortunately you are losing your productivity and want some rest from your Nintendo world. You can delete you Nintendo account. So need a short break delete your My Nintendo Account! Definitely for you action you have to bear some loss. What loss you can face we are want to mention here:

  • All discounts offers
  • All apps data linked to your Nintendo account.
  • All purchases will become void.
  • All achivements, mission, coins, points, rewards will get vanished.

Although you can reactive your account in almost 4 weeks after deletion. But once the time surpassed you will not be able to reactive your account. So think wisely!! After 4 years there will be permanent removal of the account but luckily you will not get orphaned with your Nintendo ID and linked accounts.


So it was brief discussion about Nintendo Eshop. We know many things got missed and unsaid but you can try these things by your own. You will definitely love to explore the things by your own. Hope our words had have helped you in a positive way. Give your Feedback about Nintendo Eshop Userguide by sharing it to your friends.

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