PlayStation User Guide – Explore the PSN Features Easily


Sony Playstation – who don’t know about this giant gaming console? Definitely everyone knows about PS, which is a truly a bliss for the gamers and games lover of every age. Yes it’s true every game can’t be played on the PC or making this probable you need to have a huge budget to build a custom PC with custom specification. Playstation all provides you the support to enjoy your daydreams. Playstation is a brand but wait what!! ………….? Aren’t we going to confer the playstation network? Yes of course we are going to discuss that virtual world in our topic. But before mining out in our discussion let me put some light on playstation network history and its entry in the gaming world.

Playstation Network (PSN) – A Start of New Entertainment ERA:

The world has changed, the entertainment values have changed and despite all of this we as a game loving generation, our gaming needs and expectation have remarkably improved or upgraded to an advanced level. The change was started to begin in the shape of PSN when SONY Playstation made a decision and implemented that decision and above all of this, the gaming lovers accepted that decision. It was late 2006 (November, as per our information) Sony launched the playstation network known as PSN. This network holds the variety or new channels of entertainment other than gaming. Starting with just an online gaming console PSN upgraded to various services like messaging, friends, social sharing, and movies to BLU Ray level etc. Plenty of service to which you will come across while reading about the psn. Let me clear some of the service and their features.

  • PS Plus: An enhanced Paid Online service for better gaming experience and frequent gaming updates.
  • PS Video: Online streaming service for movie. Having a rental and one time purchase.
  • PS VUE: Online television Service
  • PS Music: Online Music Streaming
  • PS Now: Cloud Gaming Service

As we mentioned above in 2006 a decision of revolutionizing the gaming world came into reality and user accepted that. But how can we assume that gaming crowd love that decision. For that stats and figures, PSN currently hold 110 Million worldwide users in which 70 Million are currently active monthly users. Having a huge amount of active users whereas Microsoft XBOX Live is direct in competition with PSN, this is a huge chase for the PSN.

PlayStation Network Features:

  • PSN allows you to be social on its platform. Allowing you to add more than 100 friends on PS3 and more than 2000 friends on PS4 and PS Vita.
  • Create your online identity while editing your online profile.
  • Adding Friends on PSN definitely allows to enhance your experience to Instant Messaging.
  • Allowing you to play games in multiplayer, cross platform and match making modes
  • Go Live to the games stream and browse live and achieved games
  • Acquire a portable ID: just like a profile which has your avatar, achievements (trophies) and online signature.
  • Parental Control: Limited access to some sensitive content which is restricted to teenagers. Examples: Credit card info, shopping cart and permission for online contact.
  • Remote Gameplay: Allowing you to fully utilize your Sony Xperia phone and PSP to enjoy the games remotely while not using your PS4.
  • While my Friend not having a game copy in their Playstation still he can enjoy the games session with me with the Share Play Feature.

As the Sony PSN is multi way entertainment channel so it has been compiled other entertainment services too. The Service are briefly mentioned above but functionalities of these services are listed below:

PlayStation Services:

While you have ben tired with games but don’t want to leave your Playstation to rest. Here are the some service you can enjoy other than gaming.

Playstation Music:

After exhausting your hands on the remote controls and continuous focusing on gaming screens, its time to relax your soul with the music. Thanks to the Playstation Music service which allow you to enjoy your favorite music with support of Spotify. Yes playstation music provides you the music nutrition with the support and partnership of Spotify. So enjoying of 2 service in a single package is absolutely there.

Playstation Movies/Videos:

BluRay and HD definition technologies has let the movie world to enjoy a unique glamour. Fill your soul with the BLU-RAY movie streaming and enjoy the movies of your choice and explore new movie collection.

Playstation Vue:

Stream Tv channels and programs through this service, so walking through your TV Lounge and Sticking yourself in front of tv screens is just gone away. Stream the best TV entertainment on you PS.

Playstation Now:

So after enjoying all these entertainment, want some more entertainment in the game. Here is Playstation Now with you. Explore new game libraries for your PS3. Stream through a fantastic 100+ game library and pick of your choice.


PlayStation Network and Playstation Plus:

The PSN has marked as one of the best free and paid online entertainment service. You can access free content and can paid some cash to enjoy some premium stuff which no one can enjoy as a free affiliate. PS Plus:

The paid service in the PSN having over 26 Million subscriber and hold the PS3, PS4 and PS vita platforms. If you are passionate game lover and want some frequent game updates then PS plus is the perfect choice for you. PS Plus membership allow you to grab some great stuff including System software updates, special discounts, game trials and beta versions, downloadable games patches, and most of all 10GB internet space. In addition to this a special package for the members is also in which players are given a 6 game pack for each platform. In which typical 2 games are provided for each platform.

PSN Free:

In PSN free account you will enjoy every features and game which a regular PS3 or PS4 owner can enjoy. Having a free account will not allow you some premium stuff through which a paid member can amused of.

PSN User Guide Series:

This eventual guide will help you to drive through some major feature guidelines and steps to maintain your account efficiently and easily. SO moving with guide we want you know about the parental control permissions of your account. Follow with the story pour to know about it:

psn user guide

Sub Account Management:

Placing your kid in front of an advance gaming console, raise many worries to the parents. Though the SONY have introduce a parental control in which you can restrict features for your kid to access them. Applying parental control option will create a SUB ACCOUNT in your PSN account. You can manage this sub account.

To apply parental control

Settings > Parental controls > [Restrict use of PS4]

For making this active you have to enter parental control code which by default set to be as “0000

To customize already design parental codes there are already 11 standards to maintain limitations. Every country have a standard in term of parental control age and CD you buy for your system has also mentioned by age number according to that specific country law. For example: for japan the parental control level In PS is 3 and approximately user age is 6 so it will have different parental control limitations from other countries

Parental control restrictions are applied to every user in your account. As mentioned earlier there are 11 standards of parental control, lowering the standard mean tightening up the age restictions. Default standard is 9 which is for 18+ age users.


As this the feature of PSN, so you will be allowed to share multimedia textures with the community. See what you can share with the PSN community and with your friends:

  • Screenshots
  • Live gameplays
  • Videos of your game plays
  • Share play feature to allow you share your screen with your partner.
  • Share you trophies and content information system.

To customize sharing setting you can edit them through PRIVACY SETTINGS. For sharing all the above mentioned features there is a sharing button in the console. You can change the functionalities of this share button. For now you can see how the share button works.

There are 3 operation for the share button:

  • Press
  • Press and Hold
  • Press twice (Double Click, You can say)

Press => This operation basically works to share screen shot or video of the gameplay. Press the share button and then select Screen Shot or Video Play. You can also save video without uploading to your friends.

Press and Hold: => this operation works to take a screen aour chat you can also leave a group by selecting that group > option > leave.

Sending A text is also easy Select Messages > Create Message > Select Friend or group > Send.


Tired on instant messaging and chatting? Here is a cool feature you can enjoy with your friends while playing game. Party allows to enjoy the voice chatting with your friends. You can join your friends through party while the game play and also experience the sharing of game screen. You are the owner when you create a party and let others to join your party. Privacy settings allows to change the permission of the parties section that who can join or not. There are just two type of parties there.

Public Parties:

In this type anyone can join the scene like friends of other players and any player can invite their friends. So there is an open invitation for all.

Private Parties:

You are invited by the owner of the party and just specific person can be added up by the owner.

If you are the owner you can kick out any user from the party or you are the member of any party you can leave at any time.


Though here are some of the major features of psn but there are plenty of features and options waiting for you in PSN console. You can explore it by yourself. PSN has been gone through many ups and down. At one time PSN faced a DDoS attack and throughout all the PSN community suffered this. In the last days of 2014 Sony and Xbox faced some serious malicious attacks. Legal users were unable to maintain their connectivity but after one day sony managed to stable the situation. Same type of situation has been occurred in the past of SONY but in the meantime SONY is among the best gaming console for the gamers. Having some money in your pocket can bring an immense entertainment to your home.